Participants write ailments at  Handmade Arcade  2014

Participants write ailments at Handmade Arcade 2014

What, you ask, is an Apothecary of Esoteric Panacea?

apothecary= a pharmacy or drugstore.

esoteric= understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest.

panacea= a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all.

Upon visiting the AEP, participants can select a recycled food or medicinal container to write their "ailments" or intangible problems and leave this container on a shelf. Another participant can then read this ailment and respond with their own "treatment" or advice. Throughout the installation, people forge anonymous relationships and crowdsource solutions.

An “esoteric panacea” is an oxymoron of sorts; these ailments & treatments are specific & subjective, so how can the AEP offer panacea, a cure-all? The simple answer is that by sharing, openly, our difficulties and by responding with respect & empathy, we discover the panacea- collaboration. 

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Special Thanks For Contributions:

Sandra McPeake, Jim McPeake, Ivette Spradlin, Stephanie Neary, Brian DiSanto, Megan Shalonis, Darrell Kinsel, Lizzee Solomon, Andres Gutierrez, Stephanie Tsong, Jessica Bartley, Richard Magnelli, Nina Barbuto, Emma Wickline, Paula Levin, Melissa Larrick, Jessica Wolfe, Jon Hemmis & J Wester.

Additional Thanks:

The organizers of Handmade Arcade, Jennifer Baron, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Christiane Leach, Constellation Coffee, McPeake Design & Printing, Copies at Carson, Murray Avenue Apothecary, Jeffrey's Drug Store & CFL Printers.