NAEYC Certified Educator for All Ages & Abilities

Storytelling - Community Engagement

Expertise: Drawing, Printmaking, Sewing, Bookmaking, Collage, Typography, Creative Writing, Theatre, Social Media, Multimedia

Ethos: Design Thinking, Project Based Learning, Social Practice, Culturally Responsive Arts Education

Featured Classes

Neu Girls @ Neu Kirche

Zine Illustration & Typography

Tween Girls

This three-week workshop took students through the entire design process as they created covers for their cumulative zines as each girl had a larger body of work from previous Neu Girls units. Students were encouraged to experiment and collaborate to discover their own visual language. 

Week 1 focused on brainstorming, proportions (measuring and ratios), and thumbnailing. 

Week 2 used the collage of Romare Bearden, Richard Hamilton and Nancy Spero as inspiration to guide stylistic choices in the students' illustration.

Week 3 gave students a primer in the vocabulary of Typography as they added the titling to their cover illustrations.

Allentown Learning Engagement Center

Storytelling & Zine Production

Elementary Age Boys

This three-week workshop presented students with drawing-based, storytelling experiments that culminated in a final class zine. 

Week 1 asked students to assemble adjectives into the silhouette of a recognizable object in order to teach typography, positive & negative space, and importance of shape and volume in character design.

Week 2 continued our investigation into character design through a collaborative monster making exercise. Students then acted out scenes with the characters that they collectively created.

Week 3 had students create a simple cover for their class zine, assist in the copying of their content and the binding of their final product. Students distributed these zines to local businesses, family and friends.

Arsenal Middle School- MGR Youth Empowerment

Arts Activism (PBL in Various Mediums)

Tweens of Mixed Gender & Ability

This long term program was a weekly and then bi-weekly afterschool art club with a focus on artmaking in response to personal, community and global issues, in particular, self-identity, nationwide gun violence, and the environment.

Students represented a wide range of interests and abilities including a high concentration of Life Skills (special needs) students.

Projects ranged from parade puppets, stop-animation, student written and recorded songs, winter hats sewn from student designed fabric, to more traditional drawing, painting and sculpture exercises.